At Construction Skills College we like to act on customer feedback to ensure that we continue to offer the best courses and best training experience possible.

After every course we not only read through the comments on feedback forms but we speak face to face with those that attended the courses to discuss ways that we can improve any and every aspect of what we offer; from what you read on this website, your initial contact with the centre, the facilities, course content, delivery, assessments, certification and support.

We also contact a number of attendees several weeks after they have completed a course to ask for feedback and suggestions, as once you have had time to digest what you have learned and put the skills to use you may have more ideas.

We have added this page to highlight the changes we make to our courses to improve them.

We also appreciate suggestions of courses which you feel would be of benefit that we don’t currently offer, so please get in touch if you have any ideas.

Wall & Floor Tiling Course.

We have built new open fronted training bays + we have doubled the space allocated to tiling training so everyone has their own practical bay to work in.

We have built a new wet cutting room.

The course structure has been updated to include test rigs (jointly designed with past students) and obstacles.  The test rigs ensure that you have to tile within a set area which results in more cutting and planning.  During the second week of the course you will tile two sections of wall using large format tiles.

You will never have to clean down and re-use tiles whilst on our course.  You will also fix new tiles throughout your training.

You will not use training adhesive during the course.  You will use the actual products you will use in the real world.

Although it costs more not using training adhesive we have not cut costs in other areas.  In fact quiet the opposite as we now spend the extra time this allows tiling with natural stone tiles.

We reviewed lesson plans to ensure that the courses are intensive and include as much practical experience as possible.  Please see our 10 day tiling course page to see the range of tile sizes and tile types you use during a course.

We continue to use experienced tilers to deliver the course.

Kitchen Fitting Course.

We have built new dedicated training bays for our kitchen fitting courses, so everyone fits their own kitchen.

Recently Howdens have visited our centre and produced new plans for the training bays which you will install during the course.

We have reviewed our lesson plans to ensure that we spend longer than previously on the all important worktop cuts and cornice/pelmet.

We have updated all tool kits used during the training.

We have built a new dedicated classroom for the kitchen fitting courses.

We continue to use experienced kitchen fitters to deliver the course.

Plastering Course.

We have purchased new tools and access equipment and as always everyone has their own tools throughout the training.

Each person has their own bay during the course and we have now changed the structure of the course so that during the course you have a decent sized room (three good sized wall, attached pillar, window opening and ceiling) to practice on.  The training bays are a good size, please take the time to compare the size of our rooms to those of other centres.  You need to cover a good square meterage to get confident.

We reviewed our lesson plans to ensure you are continuously challenged throughout your training.  You will face an increased number of obstacles whilst on the course.

We continue to use experienced plasterers to deliver the course.

You do not use sand and lime mixes whilst on our plastering courses.

Plumbing and Heating Course.

We have redesigned the plumbing and heating training area and built 5 new practical bays and new store rooms so that all the training is delivered in one dedicated area.  Each person has their own bay to work in.

We have recently met with a supplier to arrange for new boiler training jigs to be supplied for our training.

We have updated all tool kits used during the training and carry a stock of items so we can replace any damaged tools immediately.

We reviewed and amended the course content to allow us to include even more quality training in the time you are with us.

We continue to use experienced gas safe registered plumbing and heating engineers to deliver the course.

Carpentry Course.

We have built new dedicated training bays for our carpentry courses.

We have reviewed our lesson plans and now include many more projects than we did previously, please see details of our 10 day course carpentry course to see what we now cover.

We have updated all tool kits used during the training.

During the course you install new door casing and hang new doors, you will use new skirting, architrave, sheet materials, etc, etc.

We have built a new dedicated classroom for the carpentry courses.

We continue to use experienced carpenters to deliver the course.

Bricklaying Course.

We have reviewed the content of our bricklaying course to enable us to include more relevant content so you leave the course with the ability to earn money.

We have designated a large covered area outside for bricklaying training.  It is realistic to be outside but you do not want to get soaked whilst on one of our courses.

We have recruited a new very experienced bricklayer to deliver our courses.

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