Tiling Courses

Tiling courses

Welcome to our exclusive tiling courses! Limited to only 11 participants per session, our tiling courses fill up rapidly. Secure your spot now to guarantee a place on our highly sought-after classes.

Discover why thousands of delighted customers have mastered the art of tiling through our comprehensive courses. Explore our tiling course content and read inspiring success stories below.

This page gives details of our tiler course content and success stories.  

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We take pride in being an accredited training center approved by TTA (The Tile Association) click here for TTA CSC information.

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Experience our training center firsthand by scheduling a visit. Witness our tiling courses in action and observe the exceptional standard of work achieved by all our learners.

Photos of work completed by people after they have completed our 10-day tiling course

Picture showing tiling completed after finishing our tiling course
Picture showing tiling completed after finishing our 10-day tiling course
Picture showing tiling completed after finishing a tiling course at our centre

Our Tiling Courses

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When you successfully complete our tiling course you are entitled to one year’s free TTA provisional membership.  Provisional membership entitles you to free access to the members’ area of TTA website where various technical resources are available, such as TTA technical publications in line with British Standards. You will also be able to attend two TTA Technical Masterclasses free of charge.  More information on the The Tile Association Website TTA Student membership information

You are Taught by Experienced Tradespeople.

Our tiling courses are intensive but taught in a relaxed, friendly and professional manner by experienced tradespeople.  We will fully support you when you finish your tiling training course so you will be confident using your new found skills, after completing any training with us you are able to call into the centre or contact your tutor to discuss anything that you covered on your course.

Knowing this support is available is invaluable when leave our training centre and start completing tiling jobs.  If you are uncertain of anything or if for any reason things don’t go to plan it is good to be able to contact your tutor directly to discuss.

More Training for your Money.

Less classroom time, more tools in hands time.  Although our tiler courses are short they are very intensive and you will be completing practical work from day 1.  The only way you are going to learn tiling is by having expert advice and lots of practical time to practice, practice, practice.

It is also important when completing a course that you are working in a good sized area as this give you the confidence to complete work when you leave the centre.  When deciding on which training centre to attend, take the time to compare sizes of training bays and visit a centre when a course is on to speak with learners and see the standard of work they produce.

Also look at what is in the photos on training centre websites.  On some training courses you will only tile with 150mm x 150mm tiles and on other courses you will spend a lot of time getting you to tile motifs and fancy logos and patterns.  Although these look great you will probably never do this work in the real world, time would be better spent ensuring you can tile around and inside windows properly and around obstacles, etc.

Regular Start Dates.

We have courses starting every two weeks, throughout the year.  We do not close for bank holidays, half terms or college summer holidays.  Our training centre is only closed for two weeks at Christmas.  Please feel free to contact Dave on 01782 837007 or via enquiries@tradeteacher.co.uk or dave.hare@tradeteacher.co.uk and he will work with you to plan dates.

More about us and our tiling courses.

All of our courses, including our tiling courses are taught by very experienced tradespeople who have many, many years experience working in their trade and running their own business. All tutors will give you contact details so if you have any questions after completing any of our courses you can just give them a call.

So if you are wanting to learn a trade to enable you to change jobs, our tiling courses are delivered by tutors who know what they are doing and will help you succeed.  We have many, many years experience re-training people who are looking at learning a new skill to change careers. Previously we have been selected for two visits from MP’s due to the work we have done retraining people facing redundancy.  We have delivered tiling training to B&Q employees for 5 years and we have been selected to deliver tiling and plumbing training for Wickes, as part of their bathroom installers apprenticeship.  We have also trained over 1,700 people who have used ELC funding and we continuously receive excellent feedback.  We know what we are doing and we know what you can do.

Our training courses are ideal if you wish to learn the trades we offer, as they have been designed by experienced and qualified tradespeople and are aimed at giving you knowledge and skills in construction trades as well as the confidence to use your skills. You are taught the skills you need to complete the majority of work that customer want you to complete.

Our courses are intensive but taught in a relaxed, friendly and professional manner by experienced tradespeople who are approved to deliver tiling training. We will fully support you when you finish your tiler course so you will be confident using your new found skills.  After completing any training with us you are able to call into the centre or contact your tutor to discuss anything that you covered on your course.

We are based in the Midlands and close to major motorways, train stations and airports. Local accommodation is available at a reduced rate from £100 a week. People travel from throughout the UK for our construction courses.  People who have attended our tiling courses have travelled from Manchester, Kent, South Shields, Liverpool, North East, Portsmouth, Birmingham, Bournemouth, Scotland, North Wales, Leeds, Derby, West Midlands, Bristol, Kent, South Wales and the North West.  We have also had people fly in from Ireland, France, Spain, Canary Islands, Germany, USA, Australia and Brunei to complete courses with us.  We are definitely worth travelling to – you are investing in your future.  So if you want to know of tiling courses local to you, consider our centre as we offer the highest quality courses at a fair price and with accommodation costs may be cheaper than somewhere local. 

Our training centre in Stoke-on-Trent has approx 10,000 square feet of purpose built training facilities.

The courses on offer are ideal to help you achieve your aims be they:

  • You may be interested in a career change or wish to earn an additional income and have no previous experience, or
  • You may want to become a property developer, or
  • You wish to learn a trade to enable you to complete work of a high standard on your own property or for family members

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