Booking Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions For Course Bookings


All prices on the website include VAT

Prices stated on the website are Construction Skills College Limited latest prices.

Construction Skills College Limited reserve the right to review and amend prices prior to the commencement of any contract.  If you have booked your course we will not change prices afterwards.


All courses must be booked directly with Construction Skills College Limited and no contract will exist until an order has been accepted in writing by Construction Skills College.   Acceptance in writing can be by email, letter, course joining instructions, invoice or preforma invoice.  It is not possible to book a course at our centre with any third part organisation.  We do not have any members of staff who will ever visit you in your own home.  Please be advised if someone wants to visit you on your home to sell you a course to be very, very wary.


A deposit is required when booking a course.  Details of required minimum deposits are detailed on every course page.  If you book a course and do not pay a deposit within 48 hours, your booking will be cancelled without further notice.

Deposits can be paid by debit card, credit card or bank transfer.

The course must be paid in full 4 weeks prior to the course start date.  If you are not able to meet this timescale you must contact Construction Skills College Limited to discuss if alternative arrangements are possible.  Failure to contact Construction Skills College will mean your place on the course will be forfeited and the cancellation terms applied.

To ensure the correct allocation of funds, it is the customers responsibility to ensure that remittance advice is supplied to Construction Skills College Limited.

Where a credit agreement is in place, invoices are due for payment within those agreed terms. Payment terms will be displayed on all invoices.

Failure to pay an invoice within the agreed timescales will result in the agreement being repudiated by the customer.

Construction Skills College Limited reserves the right to claim interest and recover any debt recovery costs under the late payment legislation if we are not paid according to agreed credit terms.

Construction Skills College Limited reserves the right to suspend further work if an invoice has not been paid by the due date.

Where genuine doubts arise around the financial stability of a customer, Construction Skills College Limited reserves the right, without liability, to suspend work until payments have been made.


If you wish to cancel a course you must do so in writing.

If you cancel between 28 – 35 days prior to the course start date you will incur a charge of the booking deposit specified on the website.

If you cancel less than 28 days prior to the course start date you will incur a charge of 100% of the course fee.

If you are unable to attend the course due to exceptional circumstances, which has to be approved by Construction Skills College Limited (this approval can depend on communication made by the customer and related timeframes), we will agree to change your course start date to a later date.

We will use all reasonable endeavours to avoid changes and reserve the right to cancel a course due to the following:

– if minimum attendance levels are not confirmed to our satisfaction before the start of the course.

– in circumstances beyond our control e.g. staff sickness, fire or theft.

In the unlikely event of the course being cancelled, we will advise you as soon as this change is known and will offer alternative dates or, at your option, a full refund less the cost of any material already received by you prior to the date of cancellation but disclaim any further liability.

We reserve the right to amend the content and format of our courses without notice.   Our aim is for course content to be relevant to what is required in the industry and this can result in us removing certain content and we could also add different content.  We also need to ensure the courses are cost effective.


Please ensure that when you book a course that you are able to fully attend the course.  Once the course has started it cannot be completed at a later date and you will not be entitled to any refund.


All intellectual property rights in the services or arising from the contract shall remain with Construction Skills College Limited, unless previously agreed as part of the contract.

The reproduction of any material provided by Construction Skills College Limited in order to perform the contract by the customer is strictly forbidden and Construction Skills College will take legal action should this happen. Construction Skills College would deem this as a breach of contract by the customer.


Where services are delivered on customers sites the customer must ensure that the correct resources are available and that the activities associated with the training can be carried out in a safe manner.

Construction Skills College reserves the right to suspend the delivery of services and/or remove personnel if the resources and safety measures are not adequate.  If this occurs full cost fees will be in occurred.