Plastering Course.

Intensive 10-day Plastering Course. Limited Spaces

Our 10-day plastering training course is aimed at people with little or no previous experience.

person using his trowel to get a good finish during his training

Plastering Course Learner Review

Great environment, excellent tuition, flexible enough to accommodate different standards and learning styles. Excellent post course support offered. Lots of practical work which is was the only way to improve. The course required a lot of material and it was good to see it freely available. Great course and many thanks.  Plastering course feedback.

Roger Pearson, Plastering course

You are welcome to arrange to visit our centre to see one of our plastering courses in action and see the high standard of work that all learners achieve.  Our  courses are limited to 10 people and they fill up quickly so visit now and book a place.  Join thousands of satisfied customers who have learned a trade with us.

Plastering Course Outline

This 10 day plastering course is designed to teach you the skills to board and skim a room.

The best way to learn how to plaster is by having a trowel in your hand and plastering.  This plastering course, as with all our training courses, is intensive and aimed at providing you with as much quality training as possible in the time you are at the centre, therefore you will spend every hour of every day learning and practicing.  During the course you will learn with a marshalltown pre-worn stainless steel trowel, a 16″ Refina Plaziflex trowel and a Nela Superflex trowel.

Our plastering course is practical based and classroom time is kept to a minimum. A plasterer is paid for the quality of his finish and this course gives you the extra time to practice and practice and practice.

During the course you will:

  • Fix plasterboards to solid walls
  • Fix plasterboards to stud walls
  • Apply finishing plaster to plasterboards and plastered walls
  • Fix plasterboards to a ceiling
  • Apply plaster to a ceiling
  • Plaster a niche
  • Board and skim a raked ceiling/wall
  • Complete patch and repair work
  • Produce a curved wall/ceiling
  • Know how to apply a floating coat
  • Know how to covering artex
  • Know how to plaster RSJs
  • Understand the relevant theory related to preparations, tools, materials (different plasters/boards/beads, etc), and typical plastering jobs
  • During this plastering course we will also discuss dealing with customers, estimating materials and quoting for jobs

Spaces are limited to 10 people on a course at any one time and each person will have their own training area, tools and materials (no sand and lime mixes are used during your training course only real plastering materials).

We have plastering courses listed on the National Career Service Website National Career Service Website

This course is available as part of an ELC course.  Please email for more information.

Plastering Course Full Details

During this plastering course you will have your own training bay and throughout the course you will complete your own work including mixing your own materials, fixing boards and apply plaster in your own bays.  The course is taught by a plasterer with over 30 years experience in plastering and who enjoys passing his expertise onto others.

The best way of learning how to plaster is to be in your training bays with a trowel in your hand and plastering as much as possible. You will be plastering a wall approx 8ft high x 9ft on your first day.  You will learn how to plaster using 3 different types of trowels which will help you achieve an excellent finish.  You will fix plasterboards to stud and solid walls, apply multi finish to plasterboards and pre-plastered walls.  Also, you will complete patch and repair work, apply a finishing plaster, board and plaster a ceiling including a raked ceiling.  During the course you will also plaster a curve and you will know how to cover artex, how to apply a backing plaster, how to board an RSJ.  With our plastering course you will use the materials you would in real life.

During this 10 day plastering course you will

  • Apply plaster to plasterboarded walls which include internal and external angle
  • Apply plaster to previously plastered walls which include internal and external angles
  • Plaster a niche
  • Apply plaster to a ceiling
  • Plaster a curved wall/ceiling
  • Measure and cut plaster boards and understand the different boards available; sound, moisture, fire, insulation, etc
  • Fix plasterboards to solid walls using dot and dab technique (dry lining), including internal and external angles
  • Fix plasterboards to a stud wall
  • Measure, cut and fix beading and scrim tape
  • Fix plasterboards and apply finishing plaster to a raked ceiling/wall
  • Complete patch and repair work
  • Know how to apply a floating coat
  • Know how to cover artex
  • Know how to plasterboard an RSJ
  • Understand and carryout preparations required prior to plastering and gain knowledge of different backgrounds that receive plaster
  • Understand the different tools and equipment used in plastering
  • Understand the range of materials used in plastering including bonding, multi finish, hardwall, different beads, PVA, Thistle Bond-It, etc.
  • Understanding the different methods used to price jobs, dealing with customers and overcoming problems that may arise
  • Fully answer all your questions related to the trade, you are taught by experienced tradesmen with a passion for the trade, ask as many questions as you wish during the course. You will never here anyone say ‘We don’t cover that on this course’; we employ experts in each field so they are able to answer all your questions
  • Full support after completing your plastering course.  If you have any questions relating to anything that you have covered on your course you are free to contact your tutor or the centre, by telephone, email or by calling into the centre. There is no charge for this and you can call at anytime in the future

This plastering training course is designed for people with little or no previous experience in plastering.

Our plastering courses are attended by people of all ages, and both male and female. The usual age range of people attending our plastering training courses is mid twenties to mid fifties although the youngest person to attend a course at our centre was 18 and the oldest was 72 years old.

Our plastering courses are suitable for people who wish to learn a new trade so they can change their career, for existing tradespeople to learn additional skills, for people who wish to learn the skills to complete plastering work on their own properties and for people who wish to learn a trade to supplement their income.

If you are unsure if the course is suitable please arrange to visit our centre when a plastering course is running to speak with staff and see the high standard of work produced by all learners on the course.  If you are unable to visit our centre we can arrange for our tutor to give you a call, to answer any questions you have.

Our plastering courses are taught by experienced plasterers.  Phil who teaches our 10 day plastering course is a qualified plasterer who has over 30 years experience in the trade.

All tutors will give you their contact details so if you have any questions after completing our courses you can just give us a call.

So if you are wanting to change jobs and learn a trade at a centre where they know what they are doing and will help you succeed give us a call.

Good, friendly learning environment.  Outstanding and knowledgeable tutors – Richard Bennett

It’s mad to think how much I have learnt and improved over the last 2 weeks  – Lee Davies

Well organised course, excellent tutor.  This is a great place to learn construction skills – Andrew Berry

Tutors knowledge & experience was second to none.  He made the course both enjoyable and interesting and gave me confidence throughout my time on the course.  – Scott Devenish

Friendly staff, fantastic (if not the best) tutor I’ve ever had.  Welcoming environment.  Great facilities.  Worth every penny – Ben Godfrey

Support provided when choosing a course

We will provide you with as much information, advice and guidance as we possibly can and if we are not able to offer you the course that best suits your needs or give you the information you require we will signpost you to somewhere that is able to. We do not pressure you to book onto any course and if we feel that you would be better suited to a course we do not offer then we will give you the contact information of a college that does.

Hopefully the majority of the information you require is available on this website but if you have any questions at all then please contact us and we will help in any way we can.

We would like to invite you to attend the training centre to view the facilities and discuss the course with both the tutors and current learners. We suggest if possible that you visit our centre towards the end of a course as people in general are always happy at the beginning of training and you want to make sure that they are as happy at the end of the course. When you visit you will be free to discuss the course with current learners on a 1-to-1 basis, if someone has paid good money or used limited funding to attend a course and they are not happy they will definitely tell you. If you visit towards the end of a course you will also be able to see the standard that everyone on the course has achieved.

One of the most popular comments we receive on questionnaires is that people did not expect to reach the high standard that they do on a course, it is also one of the most popular negative comments that we receive by people who are not aware of what we offer as they will say ‘you won’t be any good after 10 days’, if you yourself are unsure then why not pop down for a pressure free look around.

During Training

During your time with us every member of staff will do their best to help you achieve your aims. You will be provided with supporting literature relating to your trade and have access to further reading to research the trade further in your own time.

If you struggle on any element of the course then we will provide additional training at no extra cost to ensure that you reach the required standard.

If you have any learning difficulties or disabilities or have any physical difficulties or disabilities then we will support you throughout and this additional support will remain between the centre and the individual. The majority of the training courses are practical based but if you do have any concerns then please contact the centre.

We will also provide you with additional IAG relating to progression routes available after completing the course including further training, finding employment and starting to work for yourself. Whilst on a course please contact a member of staff if you require any further in information.Whilst you are at the centre there may be other courses running so if you have any questions relating to another trade please feel free to speak to the relevant tutor – they are all here to help you.

After Training

We will continue supporting you after you have completed a course with us and you can contact us either by email, phone or in person to discuss any aspects that you covered on your course. For example you may wish to contact us to clarify how to complete a job or how to price a job or maybe to ask for information on writing a business plan.

Your tutors will give you their contact telephone numbers and email address so if you have any questions at all you can give them a call. It is invaluable to have this continuous support available and will give you the confidence to complete work away from the centre.

The commitment to putting the needs of learners at the heart of everything the service does was demonstrated in the ways support is provided. Extract from Matrix Assessment Report

Learning a new skill was what I needed to better my chances for a career change.  The tutor and college made every aspect of the course interesting/useful from start to finish.  Probably one of the most understanding companies I’ve come across. Helped me with health issues whilst on course – Martin Pearson

The cost of this plastering course is £995 INC VAT.

You only need to bring yourself, work clothes and footwear and your lunch, we will provide everything else.

The course is 10 days in duration, Monday to Thursday from 8am until 4pm and Fridays from 8am until 1pm.

Our centre based in Stoke-on-Trent, ST6 2DJ.  Please arrive at the training centre at least 15 minutes before the course start time.

We ask for a non-refundable deposit of £150 to secure your place on our plastering training course and full payment as per our booking terms and conditions.

This course is available as part of an ELC course.  Please email for more information.

You can pay for this plastering course either via bank transfer, debit or credit card.

If you have ELC funding available due to leaving the armed forces please contact us as we have specific ELC approved courses available.

Our training centre is based in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, ST6 2DJ.  We have no other training centres anywhere else in the UK and we are not associated with any other training providers.

There are several hotels and B&Bs within 5/10 miles of our training centre.  Accommodation is available at a cost of £100 per week, email for more information.

Below is feedback from people who have attended our plastering courses.

All feedback forms from everyone who completes our courses are available at the centre.

I feel I have learnt a lifelong skill which can be used to renovate my home and most importantly gain employment (self or otherwise).  The college has a warm, friendly and relaxed atmosphere to work in.  This helps to give the pupils a better environment to train for new skills – Mark Whitham, Plastering course

Nice relaxed atmosphere and the tutors are brilliant at what they do – Jason Griffiths, Plastering course

The actual practising skimming on the first day was a positive intro.  Nice friendly environment, good size bays to plaster in and very professional looking website with good course info.  There is a similar course closer to home but this looked better – Barry Lever, Plastering course

Excellent facilities with endless amounts of materials to use. Everyone works as a team across all courses – Nicholas Warrington, Plastering course

Well organised course, excellent tutor.  This is a great place to learn construction skills – Andrew Berry, Plastering course

It’s not too big and group sizes are appropriate because you get more 1:1 tie with tutor.  Brill course learnt a lot – Jake Lee, Plastering course

Very good environment for teaching, layout, practical bays to work in.  Tutors have vast expert knowledge and use this wisely when teaching.  Great course looking forward to the next two over the coming months – Jason Kent Plastering course

For me the whole course was interesting and useful and there wasn’t a day when I wasn’t still learning… The staff are friendly and helpful.  John Brotherston, Plastering course

The best thing about this course was the realistic bays.  Each task was completed on walls and in a setting that you would encounter in a realistic environment…  Very helpful and knowledgable instructors and staff.  Donal Bowen, Plastering course

The most interesting/useful part of the course was being able to skim walls to a good standard.  Jason Whitehead, Plastering course

I liked the friendliness of the teachers and the positive encouragement I received.  Andrew Howarth, Plastering course

The most interesting/useful part of the course was learning different techniques associated with the trade and valuable skills that I will use in the real world.  What i really liked was the small classes, support throughout the course from tutors, excellent standard of materials and tools.  Lovely group of people to work around, great training facilities.  Jake Taylor, Plastering course,

The while course has been beneficial.  Paul (tutor) has been absolutely brilliant.  His patient and amiable nature, together with his 40 years experience makes him an exceptional tutor.  He is perfectionist who is perfectionist who is enthusiastic in his subject.  Chris Doody, Plastering course

Enjoyed every aspect, loads of practical.  Mr Hill, Plastering course

Good communication – both tutors I came across were great to ‘work’ with, encouraging, helpful and critical (in a nice way) when necessary.  i would recommend this course.  Mr Orton, Plastering course

I have enjoyed my time here and would recommend to friends.  Mr Finney, Plastering course

I liked the friendly and helpful environment and tutor taking time out to have 1:1 conversation.  Mr McCarthy, Plastering course

Friendly staff, good environment to work in.   With regards to the military side more awareness of the college as you were very hard to and the college is losing out on good quality customers.   Mr Richardson Plastering Course Feedback

The high amount of practical work was very useful to me as it has allowed me to practice my technique.  The teaching is to a very high standard.  Mr Robinson, Plastering course

I extremely liked the professionalism from start (enquiring about courses) to the end (actually attending and completing the plastering course).  All the staff are extremely friendly and very helpful.  Excellent environment to learn, train and work in.   The practical hands on experience is what I enjoyed the most as it allowed me to learn, understand and develop my plastering skill levels.  I would like to thank the college for delivering an excellent course and in particular Howard for being an extremely dedicated, approachable instructor who is outstanding at teaching all the elements of the course.  Thank you very much.  Paul Allison, Plastering course feedback

Friendly, knowledgeable and helpful instructor. Top man! I enjoyed learning in a larger environment with proper obstacles and real room.  Being taught by a time served plasterer. You can’t pay enough for experience! Thanks for an enjoyable 10 days feel like I’ve learned a lot. Mr Ford, Plastering course feedback

I found knowing the techniques to use and the experience of the trainer who was able to give explanations of what to do in different circumstances the most useful.  Miss Lancastle, Plastering course feedback

Easy going.  All staff very helpful and forthcoming with constructive advice.  Practical plastering element.  You can instantly see progress throughout the course  Martin Davey, Plastering course feedback

Good learning environment with a whole range of skills. Learning the skill of plastering as a whole. Gained a massive amount of knowledge in a very short period of time. All my questions were answered in a positive way. Very happy with the skills I have been taught and in the way its been put across. Was impressed with the vast amount of skills and understanding we were taught in the time we had.  Mr Bradley, Plastering course feedback

Very good course content delivered to very high standard thank you.  Owain Cooper, Plastering course feedback

I think the instructor is fantastic and it has been great getting so much hands on with the equipment and practically learning the trade.  Michael Fanning, Plastering course feedback

Friendly informative staff. Good resources. Good value for money.  Mr Horton, Plastering Course feedback

Good working and learning environment.  Excellent professional instructors.  Well organised.  Friendly environment.  Julian Ponsford, Plastering course feedback

Tutors with excellent knowledge of the subject which isnt always the case at other centres.  Paul Tyrer, Plastering course feedback

My entire experience has been excellent from the first few minutes. The tutor (Howard) was excellent and as well as his excellent communication skills, superb knowledge and his very upbeat attitude to teaching. I would recommend this training facility to anyone. Gaining the required skills needed to plaster to a good standard and with the confidence to use the proper tools and materials, whist working to the correct set procedures. The friendly, welcoming atmosphere made the whole experience a pleasure and improved the entire process.  Mr Yates, Plastering Course feedback

Best course yet and very helpful.  All of it  was useful it must be the one of the best courses I have attended in 22 years.  Thanks for a very enjoyable and worthwhile course.  Colin Richardson, Plastering course feedback

A very enjoyable experience from start to finish.  Brian Rogers, Plastering course feedback

Great environment, excellent tuition, flexible enough to accommodate different standards and learning styles. Excellent post course support offered.  Lots of practical work which is was the only way to improve. The course required a lot of material and it was good to see it freely available.  Great course and many thanks to Howard and Donna for her help.   Roger Pearson, Plastering course feedback

Friendly atmosphere and loads of practical.  Mark Parr, Plastering course feedback

I enjoyed learning a new trade and understanding the work involved. Gaining advice from experienced tutors.  Miss Dargan, Plastering Course feedback

David,  I finished the five day plastering course at the Willenhall centre on the 10th of February.  Although I did complete the post course paperwork I feel that the instructor involved with the tuition deserves a pat on the back.  I am currently employed as an instructor at RAF Cosford teaching mainly theory type subjects, I realise that when a student is given a course critique it is very easy to concentrate on the negatives and forget any good things.  However, I must complement Rob Jones on a very well delivered week of instruction.   The pace of the days were such that there was plenty of time to put into practice the skills and techniques demonstrated by Rob, everyone involved in the week were at varying levels of competency, yet he was able to constantly jump around the group and advise or correct each individuals mistakes.   The demonstrations were well delivered without being too complicated and he always had an approachable manner, I have been instructing for six years now and was very impressed with the enthusiasm Rob showed towards the subject and the delivery of it.  I would appreciate it if you could relay my comments to all concerned and especially to Rob. Thanks G Owen, Sgt instructor

It is clear that feedback plays an important role in monitoring and evaluating services and I reviewed a large number of feedback questionnaires and analyses which confirmed that you collect feedback and all showed high levels of satisfaction.  Extract from Matrix Assessment Report

The course was well planned out and very interesting. I gained the skills and confidence to plaster.  Mr Coomer, Plastering Course

I feel that I have learned a valuable new skill which will help me in my own home. I will recommend this course because it has really increased my confidence and I have enjoyed myself.  Ms Beckett-Davies, Plastering Course

I am fully confident in my skills since starting from scratch – the course was well instructed and 100% hands on. It was a great course and would definitely recommend it to others and would do another course in another area e.g. bricklaying.  Mr Fairs, Plastering Course

Thought the tutor was very approachable and knowledgeable about the subject taught. Very helpful in overcoming problems and building confidence. Found the course very enjoyable and will miss it now I’ve finished.  Sheila Nunn, Plastering Course

Before the course I had no positive thought that I would be able to plaster to a ‘reasonable’ standard. I feel that I can now achieve my goal of plastering my property confidently.  Mr Cartwright, Plastering course

Good coverage of all aspects of basic plastering. I could not believe that after 5 days I can skim a wall, skim a ceiling and make good holes, to a high standard.  Mr Williamson, Plastering Course

My whole house requires plastering after completing this course, I feel very confident to plaster my house to a good standard.  Very experienced tutor who puts things across so they are easy to understand.  Whenever you have a question or need him to check anything he was always available.  Excellent course, didn’t think I would be able to plaster but now I feel very confident.  Mr Toft, Plastering course

Having 2 kitchen studios it was very valuable in fully understanding the plastering jobs we undertake on a weekly basis. I did not think at the start of the week I could get plaster on the walls, never mind plaster a room. Thank you to the tutor for a very enjoyable and informative week.  Mr Jones, Plastering Course

I learned a lot in one week – it’s amazing what you can achieve having the right help. All tools were provided with plenty of them so no need to share. You also had your own tools to take away with you. The info which the tutor told was clear and helpful. I think the course was very good in every way. The layout of the place was excellent, tutors are polite and always on hand to help. I would attend another course knowing what you achieve.  Mr Beardmore, Plastering Course

I found this course to be just what I needed to obtain these skills very helpful for my needs. The tutor never stopped teaching and advising all week – very good. I couldn’t fault this course. It is very good in my estimation. Thank you.  Mr Colclough, Plastering Course

I’m a person with low confidence and after attending grew in confidence and feel much better in myself. I will definitely recommend this course to others.  Mr Bromfield, Plastering Course

First rate course, I have learnt to plaster. Everyday was a full day of excellent content. Would definitely recommend the course, it was excellent. Well worth the money  Mr G Whittaker, Plastering Course

An excellent course that was very valuable. Very good in depth training and good teachers. I would definitely recommend it.  Mr Hallam, Plastering Course

The course has given me the confidence to tackle plastering jobs both at home and for family and friends. Learned so much in a short period of time. Pace of the course was excellent. Excellent course with a brilliant tutor throughout. Would recommend to others.  Mr Lee, Plastering Course

Cannot fault the tutor – outstanding knowledge. The course exceeded my expectations – I thought it was a gimmick on the net and in the paper but turned out to be well worth it.  Mr Jootton,  Plastering Course

Learned an unbelievable amount in 2 weeks. 2 weeks was perfect – got all the basics. Week 2 put it all together.  Mr Woolloff, Plastering Course

An invaluable course to DIY or anyone wanting go into their own business. Great course, excellent instructor.  Mr Hopkin, Plastering Course

The course was well structured and aimed at the right level for the complete novice. The time was just right and I gained a vast amount of hands on knowledge in just 5 days. I will definitely recommend this course – well planned.  Mr Hutchinson, Plastering Course

Having watched someone else doing plastering the wrong way, the course taught me how to actually properly do the job. The tutor had full knowledge and some tricks of the trade.  Mr Parkinson, Plastering Course

The course considerably increased my understanding of the subject – I’ve been doing it wrong for 30 years! I am pleased with my progression. The theory and practice come together very well.  Mr James, Plastering Course

If you wish to book onto a plastering course please contact us either via email at or call 01782 837007.

Our plastering training courses are very popular and book up quickly and as we only have 10 spaces on each course the course dates below maybe full before we have time to update this website.  Also it is worth noting that as we are flexible with customers, we do allow them to change course dates and so spaces may become available before we have had time to update the website.  It is worth adding your details to our reserve list as we will contact people on the list first to offer new spaces.  To be added to our reserve list, email your contact details to

Start Date
July 4th 2022 – 1 spaces available
July 18th 2022 – 3 spaces available
August 15th 2022 – 2 spaces available
August 29th 2022 – 4 spaces available
September 12th 2022 – 4 spaces available
September 26th 2022
October 10th 2022
November 7th 2022
November 21st 2022
December 5th 2022
January 2nd 2023
January 16th 2023
January 30th 2023
February 13th 2023
February 27th 2023
March 13th 2023
March 27th 2023
April 24th 2023
May 8th 2023
May 22nd 2023
June 5th 2023
June 19th 2023
July 3rd 2023
July 17th 2023
August 14th 2023
August 28th 2023
September 11th 2023
September 25th 2023
October 9th 2023
November 6th 2023
November 20th 2023
December 4th 2023

You are Taught by Experienced Tradespeople.

Our plastering courses are intensive but taught in a relaxed, friendly and professional manner by experienced plasterers.  We will fully support you when you finish your training course so you will be confident using your new found skills, after completing any plastering training with us you are able to call into the centre or contact your tutor directly to discuss anything that you covered on your course.

More Training for your Money.

Less classroom time, more tools in hands time.  Although our plastering courses are short they are very intensive and you will be in your bays plastering on day 1.  The only way you are going to learn to plaster is by having a trowel in your hand and practicing, practicing, practicing.

It is also important when completing a plastering course that you are plastering a good sized area as this give you the confidence to complete plastering work when you leave the centre.  When deciding on which training centre to attend take the time to compare sizes of training bays and visit a centre when a course is on to speak with learners and see the standard of with the produce. 

Regular Start Dates.

We have plastering courses starting every two weeks, throughout the year.  We do not close for bank holidays, half terms, college summer holidays.  We only close for two weeks at Christmas.  Please feel free to contact Dave on 01782 837007 or via or and he will work with you to plan dates.

Great environment, excellent tuition, flexible enough to accommodate different standards and learning styles. Excellent post course support offered. Lots of practical work which is was the only way to improve. The course required a lot of material and it was good to see it freely available. Great course and many thanks. Roger Pearson, 10 day plastering course

Plastering Course Feedback:  The best thing about this course was the realistic bays. Each task was completed on walls and in a setting that you would encounter in a realistic environment… Very helpful and knowledgable instructors and staff. Donal Bowen, 10 day plastering course

I completed the course along with my Dad and our intention was to use the skills gained to undertake our own projects as opposed to taking up plastering as a career.

So far we have completed a ground floor renovation of his house and the entire renovation of a two storey flat in Leek; this alongside an on-going renovation of a three bedroomed house in Cheddleton and a second flat in Leek. In addition to this, I have recently acquired a stone barn which, subject to planning, I am hoping to convert into a residential property – without the skills gained from the course and then honed afterwards, it would be a daunting task but the fantastic help, advice and tuition given by both H and Paul, we know what to expect and how best to go about the job.

The work undertaken so far has more than covered the costs associated with the course for both of us but has more importantly allowed us to complete jobs to a timescale that suits us and suits the jobs, working efficiently around other trades and has also given us more control over the job management. In addition, it has given me the ability to repair damage caused in rental properties without any delays.

Whilst I originally had no intention of taking on work for third parties, I do now look after most of the work at a local hotel including plastering from bare-brick and damage rectification work which fits in well around my other commitments and full time job.

I would have no hesitation in recommending the plastering courses at Construction Skills College especially given the facilities, quality of tuition and real world, long term knowledge and experience of the tutors.
Best Regards, Rich. Rich Johnson, 10 day plastering course

Other Construction Courses

More about us and our plastering courses.

Our plastering courses are taught by very experienced plasterers who have 35+ years experience working as a plasterer and running their own business. All tutors will give you their contact details so if you have any questions after completing our courses you can just give them a call. So if you are wanting to change jobs and learn a trade, at our a centre our tutors they know what they are doing and will help you succeed.  We have many, many years experience re-training people who are looking at learning a new skill to change careers. We have been selected for two visits from MP’s due to the work we have done retraining people facing redundancy. We know what we are doing and we know what you can do.

Our plastering training courses are ideal if you wish to learn to plaster, as they have been designed by experienced and qualified plasterers and are aimed at giving you knowledge and skills in plastering as well as the confidence to use your plastering skills. You are taught the skills you need to complete the majority of plastering work that customer want you to complete.

Our plastering courses are intensive but taught in a relaxed, friendly and professional manner by experienced plasterers who are approved to deliver training. We will fully support you when you finish your training course so you will be confident using your new found skills, after completing any plastering training with us you are able to call into the centre or contact your tutor directly to discuss anything that you covered on your course.

We are based in the Midlands and close to major motorways, train stations and airports. Local accommodation is available at a reduced rate and we can advice and/or arrange this if you wish. People travel from throughout the UK for our construction courses.  People have travelled from Manchester, Kent, South Shields, Liverpool, North East, Portsmouth, Birmingham, Bournemouth, Scotland, North Wales, Leeds, Derby, West Midlands, Bristol and the North West to attend our plastering, plumbing, tiling, carpentry, kitchen fitting, bricklaying and electrical courses.  We have also had people fly in from Ireland, France, Spain, Canary Islands, Germany, USA, Australia and Brunei to attend a course with us.  We are definitely worth travelling to – you are investing in your future.

Our training centre in Stoke-on-Trent has approx 10,000 square feet of purpose built training facilities.

The courses on offer are ideal to help you achieve your aims be they:

  • You may be an experienced trades person wishing to add new skills to your portfolio or needing to achieve relevant qualifications, or
  • You may be interested in a career change or wish to earn an additional income and have no previous experience, or
  • You may be facing redundancy and need to re-train to start a new career, or
  • You may be part of an organisation who wish to train their staff to increase confidence and build a multi skilled workforce, or
  • You wish to learn a trade to enable you to complete work of a high standard on your own property or for family members

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